Kelly Bryan Murray

Derrick was the key element in the design concept and execution of our social media platform. He demonstrated the value proposition and created a vision tailored our our unique needs and stakeholders.

Shannon Skinner

Derrick is one of the few truly genuine & talented people you get to meet in your career. As soon as he joined the Momentum leadership team, he was able to confidently provide guidance and strategic direction for our Client as well as think of new ways to reach Customers.

Michael Marian

Few people have the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience of the online world like Derrick. I imagine Derrick authoring a book on the subject in the near future. Derrick handles with ease the complexities and details that go on behind a web project or online marketing initiatives. Derrick is a top professional in […]

Tom Levesque

Derrick brought to Primal his passion, energy, and a focus on the people that really matter – users and customers. If you’ve got a winning product, Derrick can launch it.