Blockbuster Canada Case Study


Blockbuster Canada


Faced with a declining rental market and the looming threat of digital distribution, Blockbuster Canada needed to dramatically improve their website experience and online marketing efforts.


A comprehensive website audit and competitive review identified:

  • Significant gaps between the Blockbuster website and industry best practices
  • An infrastructure that was not scalable, or robust enough for broadband distribution
  • An email marketing system lacking in CRM integration and market intelligence

Consolidating Blockbuster’s multiple interactive vendors (agency, email marketing, website hosting) to a single agency-of-record relationship addressed Blockbuster’s immediate challenges, providing them with the foundation for future success.


Significant cost-savings were realized internally along with a reduction in fees paid to external vendors.

  • Savings in email marketing deployment + management
  • Reduced website hosting fees
  • Increased speed-to-market for website promotions + email blasts

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