About Us

clang! clang! is an independent marketing consultancy managed by Derrick Cho,  an advertising and start-up veteran with over two decades of experience. 

Derrick's past achievements, have included creating marketing strategies and programs for numerous technology start-ups, leading the The Globe and Mail's first internet division, and crafting online advertising and marketing programs for many of the Fortune 500.

At email marketing start-up, FloNetwork, Derrick led the development of marketing communications programs that drove a 587% increase in sales, earning FloNetwork a spot on the Deloitte & Touche Fast 500, and ultimately leading to the acquisition of FloNetwork by DoubleClick, then later Google.

As Internet employee #1 at The Globe and Mail, Derrick spearheaded the introduction of Internet-based advertising programs, led the redesign of the newspaper’s websites, and launched PointCast (screensaver-based news program) into the Canadian marketplace.

Besides his techie background, Derrick has worked at several of Canada’s Top 10 advertising agencies, including BBDO, TAXI, JWT, and FCB. Derrick’s advertising work has won multiple Strategy Awards and his clients have included: Lexus Canada, IBM, Abbott Laboratories, Tim Hortons, Sick Kids Foundation, Diageo, FCA Canada, Novartis and Freedom Mobile.

Today, Derrick is an active partner in Cho + Amaral, an independent creative agency, focused on the big idea and power of emotional storytelling.

Derrick holds a BBM in Business Management from Ryerson University with a major in Marketing. He is a graduate of the Institute of Communication Agencies Certified Advertising Agency Practitioner Program and is one of the original co-founders of the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB Canada).